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Health care products, consulting and innovative training for forward-thinking professionals in human services

CareQuadrant originally started as a health care and CPD training and consulting provider. To meet the challenges of COVID19, we have repositioned to provide health care products.

CareQuadrant creates online CPD courses, including legal CPD. We draw from extensive lived and professional experience to help professionals in legal, health care, counselling therapy, education and human services. Explore our online CPD courses and learn more about us.

A Vision for CPD Online Canada

Founded by long-time advocates Tracy Humphreys and Andréa Coutu, CareQuadrant reflects a vision of bringing innovation to the human services field through changing how people approach clients. By focusing on online CPD in Canada and the world, CareQuadrant can drive innovation in human services. Check out our free online CPD course on Reflective Practice.

Sustainable Business Approach

We’re big believers in volunteering. Because of that, our founders spend hours each week helping people. We focus on helping people at the margins access help and you’ll often see us in the media. In fact, Tracy even founded a support group that now has 1200 members helping one another. But we wanted to do more.  We wanted to use our business powers for good. As serial entrepreneurs, we have both built numerous businesses, especially through Salon Label Ltd. and Consultant Journal. We see the opportunity to use business as a force for social change. By building on our business success and our belief in social contribution, we’re building CareQuadrant into a sustainable business model for innovation.

CPD Online Canada Innovation

We’re changing the future of online CPD and professional development for Canada and the world. Join us!

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