Our Story

We develop online continuing professional development (CPD) products and resources for professionals and individuals in the client care and human services fields.

It started with a dream. Tracy Humphreys and Andréa Coutu were friends in separate cities, with similar stories. Each had spent years navigating health, education and social services systems, advocating for themselves, their children and for others — as employees, individuals, parents and lay advocates. The two had met during their own advocacy paths, connecting through a Facebook group Tracy started and grew to 1,100 members. Both drew from extensive experience in business and human services — and a healthy dose of entrepreneurship, with Tracy having co-founded Salon Label Inc., a private label hair care and skin products company that took her to Dragon’s Den, and Andréa having grown Consultant Journal to a community of almost 60,000 unique monthly visitors. In discussing their connections to one another and their own successes and challenges with advocacy, they started to talk about how to bring their own knowledge and experience to others.

In time, they started to reflect on how their own skills, experience and higher education provided them with a position of privilege, relative to many people. In spite of the obstacles each faced, they knew that they shared privilege in their ability to speak to professionals with ease, navigate complex systems, interpret policy, juggle medical and systems language, and connect with others. While Andréa had initially approached Tracy with the idea of supporting parents, they soon saw they could use business as an agent of social change if they worked with professionals.

Their first product reflects that dream and collaboration. Advocacy: Supporting Client Care and Communication represents what Tracy and Andréa wish every legal, medical, social services, education and human services professional knew about how to help them. It also represents the many powerful and meaningful relationships they have had with professionals along the way. Together, they hope to make CareQuadrant an agent of social change in innovating CPD for forward-thinking legal and human services professionals. Check out our free course on Reflective Practice to see us putting that dream into action.

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