Inclusive language leads BC start-up’s online professional development line-up

Inclusive language leads BC start-up’s online professional development line-up

(Vancouver, BC, Nov 29, 2017) — Professionals looking to understand pronouns, inclusive language and advocacy will have a head start with a new online suite of socially innovative courses from CareQuadrant, a BC start-up.

“Professionals are increasingly under pressure to meet the – of diverse clients,” says Andrea Coutu, CEO, who co-founded the company with COO Tracy Humphreys. “We both have years of experience in navigating legal, health care, education and social services systems for ourselves and our families, as well as through our volunteer commitments. We keep hearing from families that they need more trained professionals who really get them.” The company’s inaugural courses include reflective practice, advocacy and inclusive language.

Tracy Humphreys notes, “We’ve seen how powerful the SOGI curriculum has been in BC schools, and we wanted to empower professionals to practice inclusive language, support clients in their journeys and reflect on how to build their competencies.” CareQuadrant’s courses can be purchased individually or as a bundle, and the company offers an introductory course on Reflective Practice for free. Many of their courses have been approved for continuing professional development credit, by organizations such as the Law Society of BC and the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, with more on the way. Courses can be completed on demand, even using a smartphone.

“Tracy and I also have a lot of experience with juggling our own work schedules around our families, so making sure professionals can work on a course on their own schedule is important to us,” says Coutu. “And it’s not like you can go just anywhere and take a course on pronouns or advocacy.” CareQuadrant’s on-demand courses are just as accessible to urban clients as to those in northern or rural areas.

The company will continue to expand its course offering, through in-house development and partnership with other organizations. Coutu, who has an MBA, has more than 20 years of experience in online and classroom teaching, business development, publishing and marketing. Humphreys has 30 years of management experience, including CEO and operations experience for multiple start-ups.

About CareQuadrant

CareQuadrant develops online continuing professional development (CPD) products and resources for professionals and individuals in the client care and human services fields. Founded by Andréa Coutu and Tracy Humphreys, CareQuadrant leverages their lived experience in navigating health care, education and social services systems, as well as their extensive executive and professional experience. The company currently offers courses on reflective practice, advocacy and inclusive language, with pre-approved credits from law societies and the CCPA. Learn more and sign up for a free course at


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