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Advocacy: Supporting Client Care and Communication

This course aims to help learners gain a broad understanding of advocacy, its meaning and implications for society, professionals and clients, along with steps that can be taken to support advocacy and client communication and reduce communication and ethical conflicts. This is not a legal advocacy course. Details >>

Reflective Practice Part 1

This introductory 30-minute course will help learners develop knowledge, understanding and skills related to reflective practice, so that they are prepared to work through the complex challenges of professional roles, including working with difficult clients and managing ethically charged situations. Learners will also practice using reflection with a relevant, personal professional experience.

Reflective Practice Part 2

In this intermediate course on reflective practice, learners will deepen their reflective practice knowledge, understanding and skills, tying their development to their own personal frameworks, ethics and values and work environments.  Learners will have the opportunity to explore ethical dilemmas, difficult client and workplace situations and their own personal experiences. Using included worksheets, learners will also have the opportunity to continue on their own in reflecting upon and working through continuing professional development for the past year and make an action plan for the coming year.
Pronouns & Inclusive Language

In this introductory course on inclusive language, learners will explore language in the context of changing social expectations around inclusion and identity. They will learn about inclusive language, privilege, intersectionality and linguistic theories about the relation between language and meaning. They will learn about inclusive language around gender, family, ability and settler state dynamics. They will also be given information about gender expression and identity and options for titles, pronouns, preferred names and inclusive approaches.

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