Reflective Practice 2

Reflective Practice Part 2: Ethics and Application

(90 minutes)

Reflective Practice 2 course card

This intermediate course will help learners deepen their knowledge and understanding of reflective practice. Learners will tie their development to their own personal frameworks and looking at the context of professional ethics, values and work environments.  They will connect the practice to their understanding and performance in client care situations and their work environment.  Learners will have the opportunity to explore ethical dilemmas and difficult client and workplace situations through case study and use of academic models for reflection. After the course, learners can choose to use included worksheets to continue in reflecting upon and working through continuing professional development for the past year and make an action plan for the coming year. Pair this course with our free introductory course, Reflective Practice 1, for two hours of credit.


  • Approved for 1.5 hours of lawyering skills by Law Society of BC
  • Approved for 1.5 hours by CCPA
  • Enroll now: $99

    Learning Objectives

    • Students will learn how to incorporate models for reflective practice into their professional work
    • Students will reflect on their personal framework and how it relates to client relationships and professional ethics, codes and obligations, including the social contract
    • Students will learn how to reflect On Action and In Action to achieve better professional outcomes
    • Students will be able to better identify opportunities for growth and learning.

    Learning Outcomes

    By working through the course materials and exercises, learners will be able to:

    • apply scholarly and academic models for reflective practice
    • explain the role of self and identity in reflective practice
    • describe the social contract and the role of ethics in separating professions from occupations
    • apply a model for reflective practice by working through a case study of a professional ethical dilemma
    • identify and describe opportunities to apply models of reflective practice in the workplace and through their ongoing professional development

    Remember, you can combine this course with our free introductory course, Reflective Practice 1, for two hours of credit.

    Enroll now: $99